General disband after two matches in the Premier League
September 07, 2019 by T90WRS
After only two matches in the European Blitzkrieg Premier League, predominantly Swedish side have decided to go their separate ways.
In what is a definite disappointment for the European scene in Battalion 1944, the Swedes of have announced their decision to disband the roster just two matches in to their inaugural Blitzkrieg Premier League season.

The team announced their official line-up at the end of June, however the side have been spotted playing with a variety of Swedish players throughout their existence. In fact, their Premier League roster features ten players, including captain Fredrik 'qLimAxzU19' Idh's partner EmiZ.

The team began their Blitzkrieg campaign well, defeating Envictus 2-0 in round 1. The side's second and third round matches were postponed surrounding the in-game exploit which was discovered last month, but's most recent outing, a 2-0 loss to Endpoint, appeared to be the first and final nail in the proverbial coffin, with Idh announcing shortly after the team's parting in Twitter.

The roster formerly known as consisted of:

Sweden Fredrik 'qLimAxzU19' Idh
Sweden Ted 'koWa' Hansson
Bosnia Herzegowina Jasko 'cozje' Berbic
Sweden Samuel 'Sam' Nadeau
Sweden Johan 'LINQAN' Lindqvist

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