Community Spotlight: In The Trenches - Episode 5
August 15, 2019 by sym
“I think that comes down to, largely, you’re never going to appease the community entirely, no one is going to come together as a whole...just aim, aim better, that’s the real issue. Players are always going to complain, they’re always going to be a loud minority within the community, ‘cause they’re not hitting their shots...stop $%#%^ing and hit your shots.” - tanaKa, on the recent M1 Garand changes
In The Trenches returns once again, bringing back tanaKa to discuss August’s update. The most notable changes in this patch are SMG nerfs, specifically to it’s damage drop off at range, as well as the addition of Headquarters to casual, and the state of casual gaming in Battalion.

The casual experience is undoubtedly amiss in Battalion, and especially lacking in accessibility. TanaKa suggests that a proper menu, UI system is a necessary remedy for the lack thereof accessibility, and thus more options. Building on this, dusT points out that a proper boarding process for new players is needed, as casual Wartide simply does not exist unless it is a limited time mode. Indeed, “trial by fire” as dusT puts it, is certainly not the way to build a casual base. A casual base sustains the game, and often times have little to zero interest in playing the competitive side, or at the very least want to ease into “the fire.” dusT expands on Battalion's casual dilemma in his seperate talk "Battalion's Barrier to Entry Issue."

With casual interest aside, the other major topic of discussion is the SMG nerf, particularly to it’s damage drop off at range, and of course the BAR’s price change to 3 coins indirectly nerfing the SMG as well. Allied teams seemingly have little reason to buy the Thompson since they can save an extra coin and simply get a BAR due to it’s price drop as well as it’s overall ability to do work. Even with the Thompson’s increased ADS/movement speed, it seems to be quite apparent that a full buy with a BAR at 3 coins is the obvious decision.

Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be any simple solution to solving Battalion’s economic troubles. It’s apparent that there isn’t too much conviction from the balance team when it comes to the coin system with the M1 Garand’s price going back up to 4 coins as well, in what seems to be a rally between 3 and 4 pricing. In an attempt to answer these troubles, dusT grasps and suggests different routes; economy scaling, lowering SMG to 2 coins, a reduction of hipfire accuracy on the BAR, or a complete pricing overhaul. We can consider these options indeterminate, but even so, it is still an important discussion to bounce.

The full discussion can be watched below, which includes a lengthy Esports discussion which is a great recap on the state of teams if you intend (which you should) on watching Fragadelphia 13 this weekend. Other topics include health regeneration changes, and other non-sensical and important Quality of Life changes that are essential to the game’s sustainability for all players.

Oh also, knife skins.

August 2019 Patch Notes

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