CheckSix adds Battalion team
August 09, 2019 by sym
CheckSix, a relatively storied organization—being established in 2003, has joined the competitive fray, picking up an experienced Battalion 1944 squad.
The following team will now play under CheckSix, with their respective roles:

USA Genesis (Entry)
USA Panther (Lurk)
USA Dogo (Scope)
USA Birdman (Support)
Canada Mojo (Support)

USA Dougski (Backup)

As Fragadelphia and Blitzkrieg Premier League closes in, more and more teams are being acquired by organizations to play under their banner. CheckSix has been around in Esports since 2003, and with a Battalion team acquisition it could be considered “returning to their roots.”

Dogo, the team’s scope, had the following to say about the team’s acquisition:

We are looking forward to playing together under the Check Six origination. Their support has been more than generous and they share the same values we do as players. We all come from competitive back grounds in Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty 2 so it's nice to have that chemistry already built up as a team. Everyone is eager to frag out, put in the work and enjoy what Battalion 1944 has to offer.

Of course as a team that stems from CoD1 and CoD2, they feel right at home in Battalion’s familiar feelings. It will be interesting to see how different teams from different origin games compete within Battalion.

CheckSix, gave a statement regarding the team and their return to FPS:

CheckSix is proud to return to our roots in competitive FPS with our new Battalion 1944 team. We have always believed in the potential of the game and have been looking forward to the competitive side since its beta. We are excited to work with this legendary roster and what we believe to be the one of the best teams in NA. We cant wait to see what they can do at the upcoming Fragadelphia and beyond.

Indeed, a return to roots, truly is what CheckSix is aiming for, since Battalion is in it’s infancy, and growing the scene is something any organization or player-alike is striving for. In a sense we are still at the “root of things,” and with an experienced organization behind Battalion we can only hope for the best in growth; not only as a community, but in competition as well.

You can follow this team by following CheckSix Gaming on Twitter, here.

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