Long-time Promod team joins RBL Esports
August 02, 2019 by sym
"We feel that we have some of the best team chemistry in the league.” - Jacob “Trump” Trumpis
Team XAXA will now play under RBL Esports.

The roster is as follows, with their respective roles.

USA Jacob “Trump” Trumpis (Rifler/SMG)
USA Brian “brisk” Gminski (Lurk)
Canada Antonio “toxTHAKING” Greco (Scope)
USA Zach “muew” Anderson (Rifler/SMG)
USA Marcos “marcc” Araujo (Hybrid)

The squad has known each other for almost 8 years through a CoD4 Promod community, and still together, created a Battalion team forming XAXA, and today RBL Esports.

Trump stated the following regarding his team,

We started out playing as friends around the CoD4 Promod days in a little community we created called W2A. The rest is history. We feel that we have some of the best team chemistry in the league.

Chemistry could be considered a pillar of a sound team, and 8 years of being friends is most certainly intriguing within team dynamics, signaling sustainability; a strongly bonded team environment, health. As well, starting from a community in CoD4 Promod days, we can safely say that there is a deep-rooted passion for Battalion's nuances within the team, which is important for the state of Battalion, and it’s often times critical community.

RBL Esports with the full roster will be competing in the upcoming Blitzkrieg Premier League which kicks off with group stages August 12th, as well as Fragadelphia 13 on August 17th.

Keep your eye on this bonded squad by following RBL Esports on twitter, and on their website
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