Blitzkrieg Premier League invites finalized for NA and EU
July 30, 2019 by sym
Anyone can win, anyone can lose. Tune into The Plays TV Blitzkrieg Premier League starting August 12th with group stages.
Blitzkrieg Premier League invites are now finalized, the following are the final teams announced for NA + EU. These do not determine seeding.

For the European League the following invites have been sent:

and North American League:

The final spot for the NA league will be based on an Open qualifer, on August 4th.

As The Plays Blitzkrieg Premier League creeps closer, so does the uncertain level of competition. We could say that this league serves as a proving grounds for all teams alike due it being the early stages of competition within Battalion. Teams are prepared to go in with a strong first impression and leave with the satisfaction of being the best in the world. So, with that in mind, this truly is “grassroots.” Anyone can win, anyone can lose.

Finally, with a consistent league we work towards creating a meta-game that fosters competitive growth and potentiate casual, new players alike as league players show off their set strategies, and can be mirrored within PUGs. This allows for a baseline for the idea of skill; a stronger ecosystem, what new players can expect from others if they were to consider diving into Battalion and wish to compete.

Don’t miss The Plays Blitzkrieg Premier League, because you may just miss out on the essence of competitive spirit. Signup for the open qualifier on August 4th, can be found here.
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