Kovaak Boys add sYnCeR, Hero, and are acquired by an organization
July 25, 2019 by sym
Kovaak Boys recently picked up two new additions to their roster, finalizing their roster ahead of Fragadelphia 13 and The Plays Blitzkrieg Premier League.
The full roster is now the following, with their respective positions:

USA Jonathan "athn" Yates (Team Captain & Sub)
Canada Brenden "revoh" Dagert (Scope)
USA John "Jben" Hammond (Rifle/Sub)
USA Gary "sYnCeR" Smith (Rifle)
USA Joshua "Hero" Durham (Sub)

There was no comment as to why calcifer was removed from the team. Gloomy stepped down due to life/work obligations.

Furthermore, the team has recently signed to a new organization. The organization’s name is currently under wraps but the organization is expected to make an announcement August 1st offering a gaming house, a sport psychologist for the players, fair contracts, and the funds to support the team to various tournaments.

I reached out to the new additions to get insight on their feelings about the team:

Joshua "Hero" Durham stated the following,

With this roster, we all have the same mindset and realize that things won't happen over night, we have to work hard and practice our goals. And having a group of people that have that same mindset is hard to come by, most teams if they don't do well at the start, almost always make changes right away. Unlike those teams, we are willing to build from the ground up starting from scratch and learning by losses, as well as our mistakes. Don't sleep on us, we just need time.

and Gary "sYnCeR" Smith, short and sweetly described

[as a team,] we’re aight [sic]

Indeed, and with these new additions, if we were to define them by their very personable, descriptive, and supremely hard-hitting quotes (specifically sYnCeR's), they appear to offer seemingly infinite perspectives on the state, and environment of the team.

It's still up in the air as to who could be the best of the best; and any team could potentially be top 5 on any given day. Kovaak Boys bring new life into the team, and with new life means time will tell on the extent of their vitals.

August is most certainly a big month for all players competing in Battalion, with The Plays Blitzkrieg Open and Premier kicking off, Fragadelphia 13, new funding coming into the game, and a clear roadmap for the game’s future, it’s looking like a potential new beginning for the game’s grassroots community.

Stay tuned to for the latest on Kovaak Boys' new organization.
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