Blitzkrieg Battle EU Season 1: Week 2 Summary
June 16, 2019 by T90WRS
Another weekend, another Blitzkrieg Battle by The Plays with $500 up for grabs. This weekend over 90 teams participated but, as always, only two can make it to the final. Find out who below as well as all the details from the earlier rounds.
Let's start with a celebration: no cheaters this week - huzzah! In fact, there was no controversy at all however there was still plenty to talk about, with early exits from tournament favourites and plenty of surprise performances.

One of the biggest upsets came in the round of 16, where Blitzkrieg Battle front-runners Team Endpoint were eliminated by NoNames. The European roster of NoNames, featuring two British, two German and one Swede were strong, but Martin 'marre' Gustavsson deserves particular recognition for his performance, which earned him almost double the kills of his nearest teammate and ten more than the leading Team Endpoint member.

In the same round, Battalion Quick Cup runners up insidiae were eliminated by Bra Jobbat, a roster which featured two members of last week's eventual champions Grandpa Gaming. Another team to depart the bracket earlier than they would have anticipated were Fierce Esports (a team which announced their official line-up earlier this week), who fell to the French side of PardonMyFrench. The French team went on to eliminate NoNames in the next round, ensuring that their previous result was far more than just a one-off.

Heading in to the semi-final, two sides who were expected to make this stage of the tournament, Entropy Gaming and wAPANDA, featured alongside Bra Jobbat and ParadonMyFrench, playing each other on Manorhouse V2 and Coastal respectively. A comprehensive and cohesive team performance from the Dutch, Belgian and British side of wAPANDA saw them eliminate their French opposition, whereas Entropy faced a slightly more difficult challenge. In the end, two teams who were odds-on to make this stage of the tournament continued to the final, ensuring another nail-biting finale for onlookers.

The Grand Final
In what is proving to be the norm for a Battalion 1944 final, this weekend's Blitzkrieg Battle delivered overtimes and painfully tight rounds throughout. The action started on Liberation, with Entropy Gaming defending on the German side, widely considered the easier option. Their decision paid off, as the defenders took an early and demanding lead over wAPANDA winning all but two of the first twelve rounds, moving in to attack with a convincing 10-2 lead. Despite the setback, wAPANDA were not down and out; they fought back and gave themselves a sliver of hope, taking the first four points on defence. A seamless tactical move by Entropy Gaming to claim the B bombsite saw the momentum swing and a series of early kills in the following rounds proved to be detrimental. Eventually, wAPANDA's hold of Liberation crumbled and Entropy claimed victory following a calm and collected clutch by Chris 'dltr' van der Schans with his sniper in hand. 13-7 is the final score.

The second map choice was Manorhouse V2, picked by wAPANDA, who were on the attacking side first. The obvious difficulty of having to seek-out your opponents rather than waiting for them to come to you proved challenging for wAPANDA, losing a fistful of rounds in quick succession to the coordinated Entropy Gaming. At the half-time mark, wAPANDA were trailing 3-9, meaning that they were in need of a resilient defence and, undoubtedly, strong performances from key players - and that's exactly what they delivered. Round after round, wAPANDA fought back, denying Entropy Gaming a chance to plant the bomb and, when they did manage such a feat, defusing by the cover of smoke or simply removing them from the equation with brilliant teamwork. The game became a stalemate: a last push from Entropy Gaming ensured overtime, where the favour seemed to be shifting. However, a brave defuse from Kenneth 'BluEz' Ross covered by Niels 'N1ELSK' Koornneef became a vital victory, allowing wAPANDA go claim the final point of overtime. Final score 16-14 to wAPANDA.

The deciding game would be played out on Coastal, with Entropy attacking first. Despite claiming the opening round, Sophian 'ztn' Keraghel's squad had the screw turned on them and the pressure mounted, with their opponents winning a series of successive rounds to take the half-time score to 4-8 against them. Pressure seemed to be Entropy's fuel as, with it all to play for, they tallied a series of important rounds with multiple attacks on the B bombsite: well-timed smokes, coordinated entries and vital frags became a trademark of their manoeuvres, which wAPANDA rarely had an answer for. With the score finely balanced at 12-10 in Entropy's favour, a double opener of shotgun kills saw the balance begin to tip. In the dying seconds, wAPANDA's Sammy 'samuelg' Gregory found himself the last man alive but couldn't find the magic to give him team necessary hope. Final score: 13-10 to Entropy Gaming.

Entropy Gaming - Blitzkrieg Battle EU Season 1, Week 2 Champions
France Sophian 'ztn' Keraghel
Netherlands Chris 'dltr' van der Schans
Portugal Joao 'k1aSTAR' Gomes
Germany Tim 'MASTERMIND' Thesing
Germany Florian 'j_himself'

Netherlands Kenneth 'bluEz' Ross
Netherlands Jerre 'dynz' van den Berg
Netherlands Niels 'N1ELSK' Koornneef
United Kingdom Sammy 'samuelg' Gregory
Belgium Tom 'stRove' Keyen

Watch the VOD of the Grand Final here
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